Sealing and Expunging Records

You may be eligible to have your record sealed if you've had "adjudication withheld" in your criminal case. Although, not all types of convictions are eligible for this type of post conviction procedure, whether you have received a "withhold of adjudication" is the first question to ask yourself when starting this process.

"Sealing" in this context, means preventing members of the public from seeing the record of the criminal event. However, certain public agencies and law enforcement agencies will still be able to view the record.

If you have ever had a charge dismissed you may be eligible to have the record of the event expunged. Expungement requires that all parties involved in your arrest destroy the physical record with the one exception being that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will maintain a record of the event. Having your record expunged will assist you in maintaining an extremely high level of privacy over your criminal record.

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