Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is an umbrella term that includes pre-suit negotiations (such as demand letters, cease and desist notices and similar) as well as action that involves the courts. Examples of litigation include claims for breach of contract or "torts" which include causes of action such as assault and battery, civil theft, conversion, defamation and land disputes (such as ejectment and partition). The phrase is also used to describe actions involving petitioning for or defending against a civil injunctions. In most instances, the single most important thing to understand about civil litigation is that timing is everything. In Florida a person who has been served with a lawsuit only has 20 days from the date of service to respond to the lawsuit. The problem that I see the most is the prospective client who has waited too long and now has a deadline looming that may bar them from adequately defending themselves. Litigation is rarely 'fun' but there are many proactive measures that parties can take to limit the negative elements associated with it. If a client is seeking to civilly prosecute an action, timing can be just as important because certain suits must be filed within a specified period of time (called a "Statute of Limitations"). Furthermore, certain types of lawsuits require "pre-suit notice" and it is essential to address these matters in a prompt and precise manner.

In addition to Civil Litigation, I also advise local small businesses in how to minimize their exposure to legal action and provide contract drafting and review services as well as 'on-retainer' agreements for companies that wish to have immediate access to an attorney.

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