A carefully crafted contract is the best insurance against unwanted litigation down the road. I take special pride in sitting down with each of my clients and coming up with a precisely worded agreement that will bring clarity to the agreement with the aim of avoiding costly legal action in the future.

That said, I stand behind my contract and, if it becomes necessary, I will litigate contractual disputes in court and bring all lawful force to bear for my client.

If you would like to discuss either the drafting of a new contract or matters stemming from a dispute over an existing contract please call me at (352) 742- 7474 for a consultation.

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With its experienced litigation and trial attorneys, the Law Office of Zach McCormick accepts cases of this type. If you would like to schedule a consultation in relation to Florida contract drafting and negotiation, please call the Law Office of Zach McCormick at (352)742-7474 to schedule an appointment. Please note, due to demand, consultations are scheduled on a 'first-come, first-serve' basis and are frequently set out by a week or more depending on attorney availability. Consultations last up to an hour and are most productive when the consulting attorney has been given the opportunity review any relevant case material in advance of your consult. For this reason, please take care to compile relevant documents, photographs/video, messages (such as text messages) and send them in advance of your appointment. A consultation fee will apply unless otherwise stated and must be paid on the day of your consultation.

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Please be aware that although there is attorney-client privilege during your consultation and you may seek to retain this firm following a consultation, no ongoing attorney-client relationship is created through the mere act of taking a consultation with Zach McCormick Attorney at Law, PLLC and its agents. Instead, if you wish to retain the services of Zach McCormick Attorney at Law, PLLC, a formal written representation agreement must be executed by both the law office and the client and payment must also be fully tendered.