Bad Faith Denial of Claim Insurance Disputes

If an insurer wrongfully fails to pay an insured on a legitimate claim, (or chooses to underpay the insured) the insurance company may be liable to the person they insured. As of 2021 the law was changed making it more difficult for insured individuals to get compensated by the insurance companies for their attorney's fees. However, if you have had an insurance claim wrongfully denied (or under compensated), provided that the insurance company either loses or settles the case, it is still possible to get some of all of your legal expenses paid for by the insurance company. Timing is always important in the legal world, but it is especially critical in bad faith denial of claims cases as even small delays can be used by the insurance company as justification for not paying on a claim. Documentation is also extremely important as properly documenting a valid claim can mean the difference between getting the compensation you deserve and not getting anything at all. It is for all of these reasons and others that you must exercise your legal rights related to bad faith denials of an insurance claim in a prompt and precise manner.

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