Business Law

Despite the best laid plans, even the most successful of us will, at some point, face a legal dispute significant enough to disrupt normal business operations.

I advise my business clients that quickly defining and addressing a legal problem is the best way to get back on track to making money. (for more information on legal actions please visit the Civil Litigation page).

However, taking preventive measures can go a long way towards making a lawsuit less likely, or at least financially more manageable.

Well-crafted contracts that address vulnerable parts of a business help minimize or avoid litigation. In contrast, agreements that lack key information can easily be defeated and so lead to prolonged legal problems.

For example, money handling procedures are a critical legal issue of any business. Very specific types of agreements that are based on "trust but verify" protocols should be made with any employees or subcontractors that receive payments on behalf of business.

Partnership agreements have also been a significant catalyst of costly litigation for businesses. While a 'bare-bones' agreement may seem sufficient initially, the shortcomings are revealed as the business grows more complex. Partnership terms that should be reviewed and updated include capital contributions, dissolution procedures, and the approval of corporate funds allocations.

Ultimately, correctly starting a business or revising it when complexities increase are the best forms of preventive actions that a business can take.

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