Renewable Energy Matters

The Law Office of Zach McCormick, PLLC handles legal matters related to needs of small businesses which deal in solar energy (and other renewable energy) solutions in Central Florida.

As the name implies, the "Sunshine State" benefits from having considerable sunlight exposure year-round. As a result Florida is home to a growing number of solar-powered businesses. These includes residential solar panel installation companies for whole-home electrical systems to solar-thermal heating systems that ensure that pool-water remains at the ideal temperature with minimal cost. Florida also has large areas which are ideal for other renewable energy options including wind (turbine) and geo-thermal (using the natural aquifer).

As with any business, legal challenges exist for solar and other renewable energy companies especially as the demand for electricity increases dramatically.

The Law Office of Zach McCormick, PLLC prides itself in helping its renewable energy clients successfully and safely navigate the legal landscape and prosper.