Bankruptcy is a powerful tool in the legal tool box. It is not usually something that anyone reaches for first, but when it is appropriate it can transform lives for the better.

There are several types of Bankruptcy proceedings though the most commonly encountered for individuals and small businesses are Chapter 7, 11 and 13. Here is a summary of the most common Bankruptcy Chapters and their applicability and function:

Chapter 7 - "The Clean Slate"- Usually for individuals of limited income who are looking for a 'clean break'. You will be able to keep your home (homestead) but will likely have to give up other things like your car unless it falls within an appropriate exemption,.

Chapter 11 - "Corporate Bankruptcy" - Primarily for businesses and comparatively expensive but, where necessary, extremely powerful when facing an untenable amount of company debt.

Chapter 13 - "The Payment Plan" - This path is more expensive than Chapter 7 but allows you to keep certain assets such as automobiles. This option also reduces total expenditures over the course of loan such as certain late charges and interest and you may also still keep your homesteaded residence.

Bankruptcy consultations are $320 however, if you opt to retain my firm, this consultation fee will be credited towards your retainer.

Please note, that, due to the nature of the Bankruptcy, consultation fees and attorneys fees cannot be paid using a credit although check cards that deduct funds directly from your bank account are accepted so long as they do not create an additional debt.